Wedding Gown Preservation Services

An untreated dress leaves behind invisible stains such as sweat, dirt, and oils from your wedding day, these can wreak havoc on the delicate fabrics of your wedding dress and cause staining, yellowing, and even fabric decay over time. 

Preserve your gown for years to come... We've partnered with the Wedding Gown Preservation Company to offer you their award winning delicate fabric cleaning technology and patented preservation process that has been trusted by over 3,000,000 brides since 1913.

With a 100 year guarantee, their process they can effectively clean sugar stains, dirt stains, grass stains, pen marks, blood/sweat stains, food stains, lipstick/makeup stains and fabric yellowing.

A decision you won't regret and we make it so simple. 

Option #1 

Drop off your dress at our store, we'll handle the rest.

Option #2

Purchase a preservation kit, wait 3-7 business days to receive it along with 

additional instructions to follow.


Gown Preservation Kits

Traditional Preservation Kit

Wedding Gown Preservation

Perfect For: Wedding dresses that are less than 20 years old and originally purchased for less than $1000.

Celebrity Preservation Kit

Celebrity Wedding Gown Preservation Kit

Perfect For: Couture wedding gowns less than 20 years old with an original purchase price of more than $1000.

Gown Restoration Kit

Wedding Gown Restoration Kit

Perfect For: Wedding gowns that were originally purchased over 20 years ago or gowns less than 20 years old that are badly yellowed or stained.